1) Second Sunrise

2) (When Jackie Talks)
People Listen

3) Atam Bomb

4) The Elegant
Mrs. McLean

5) Shake It, Sheila!

6) Tastes Like Chedda

7) Now!

8) Patch Kit

9) Bliss

All tunes composed
by Noah Baerman

Tracks 2-5 comprise
the Artists Collective Suite


This album is a straightforward “day in the life” of the trio I’ve had since 2004. Henry and Vinnie bring extraordinary musicianship, soul and interactivity to the table and it is a huge blessing to play with them. The tunes are a mix of old (The Artists Collective Suite was composed in 1994) and new (“Second Sunrise,” was composed for the session), meaningful (“Bliss” is adapted from music I wrote for my wedding) and just fun (“Tastes Like Chedda,” about the deep topic of imitation dairy products).

Noah Baerman | piano
Henry Lugo | bass
Vinnie Sperrazza | drums

Recorded August 19, 2007 at Bennett Studios, Englewood, N.J.

"The interplay between trio is subtle and effective and a listener gets the sense that the pianist really feels every note he plays. Baerman and company have created a recording of depth and beauty. If they sound this good on CD, they must be great to see live."

- All About Jazz - New York

"Bliss captures pianist Baerman (a Middletown resident), bassist Henry Lugo and drummer Vinnie Sperazza in the studio and at the top of their game. Everybody plays with spirit and fire, with ballad work that melts in your ears and great sound."

- Middletown Eye

Second Sunrise

(When Jackie Talks) People Listen

The Elegant Mrs. McLean

Patch Kit

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