Have sweeping journeys lost their place in the era of the cute little web video? Is the in-depth musical exploration of intense personal transformation irrelevant when one could instead condense those experiences into a text message? Is spending an uninterrupted hour-plus listening to an intricate and ambitious piece of instrumental music a waste of time in the era of the ringtone?

If your answer is no to any of these, I’m glad you’re here.

1 Wellspring (0:00)
2 Wolves in the
Henhouse (3:26)
3 The Mirror (8:58)
4 Nevermind (13:43)
5 Warrior (22:30)
6 The Garden (31:58)
7 The Path (33:28)
8 Solitary Journey (34:57)
9 Dandelion Roots (43:54)
10 Critical Mass (48:27)
11 Mountaintop (52:38)
12 God’s Will (1:00:50)
13 Back to the Garden (1:03:08)

Numbers in parentheses are approximate movement start times

Noah Baerman: Know Thyself

Noah Baerman
composer, piano, melodica

Wayne Escoffery
tenor and soprano saxophones

Erica von Kleist
alto saxophone and flute

Chris Dingman

Amanda Monaco

Vinnie Sperrazza
drums, marimba

Henry Lugo

This composition was created with generous support from Chamber Music America’s New Works: Creation and Presentation Program, funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.