The Players

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Jazz Samaritan Alliance

NB – organ, slide guitar, vocals
Jimmy Greene – tenor and soprano saxophones
Kris Allen – alto saxophone
Chris Dingman – vibraphone
Johnathan Blake – drums
with guests
Kenny Barron – piano
Linda Oh – bass

Noah Baerman Trio
NB – piano
Henry Lugo – bass
Vinnie Sperrazza – drums

Chamber Ensemble

Dave Eggar – cello, co-producer
Meg Okura – violin 1
Zach Brock – violin 2
Erica Von Kleist – flute and alto flute
Benjamin Fingland – clarinet


Claire Randall
Garth Taylor
Jessica Best
Erica Bryan

The Crew


Produced by
Noah Baerman

(c) and (p) 2013 Lemel Music Productions, in conjunction with Resonant Motion, Inc.

All Compositions by
Noah Baerman except “Motherless” (Baerman/traditional)

All Compositions published by Chedda Chowda Music (ASCAP)

Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY by Mike Marciano and Joe Marciano and Spin Studios, Long Island City, NY by Nik Chimboukas

Edited and Mixed at Laurel Hill Studio, Westhampton, MA by Justin Kurtz

Mastered at Arf! Mastering, New York, NY by Alan Silverman

Cover Painting by
Kate Ten Eyck
Design by David Schorr


About the Music


The Stories Behind the Songs

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Time Is Now
This piece is about hope, specifically the energy surrounding young people unafraid and determined to ensure that their planet will overcome the inertia and greed of the less responsible among their elders.


My devotion to the cause of foster care and adoption is no secret. This tune, incorporating the melody from the spiritual “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child,” breaks the issue down to its most elemental and emotionally direct.

The Outer Circle
“Survivor Stories,” the brainchild of Carla Ten Eyck, is a multi-media tribute to those who have survived cancer, bereavement and other major life challenges. This piece is a dedication to cancer survivor Karen Walson, reflecting on those who mean well but are unable to roll up their sleeves and get into the thick of another’s adversity.

Ripple: Persistence

The first of several adaptations of the “Ripples” thematic materials, this piece touches on the long and tiring path to transformation, whether personal or societal. Most of us begin with good intentions, but the fruition of those intentions depends on our ability to do the grunt-work

Peeling the Onion

Dottie Ten Eyck has been an incredible source of love and support for us and our kids. True to form, as she battles incurable lung cancer she is taking the opportunity to keep along the never-ending journey of self-reflection and growth, one layer at a time.

The Healer
Composed in 1997 amidst my ongoing struggles with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, this song is a paean to the supportive people upon whom we all depend to overcome adversity.

Ripple: Brotherhood

This “Ripple” references the real community that we all need to transcend adversity. I’m so grateful to have that deep familial sense with many of the musicians on this album and it just underscore what a profound source of strength and healing true brotherhood (and sisterhood) is.

Lester entered the foster care system having already endured more hardship than any human ever should. On the brink of “too late,” he found a loving family, but the demons proved too potent and he took his own life in late 2011. This is not the sort of happy ending we want, but for our society to evolve we must find the strength and compassion not to look away.

Ripple: L’Amour Gagne (Love Wins)

Une petite Pierre
Ondule dans la mer
On sait que l’amour
Gagne tout, toujours

(translation: A little stone ripples in the sea; we know that love wins everything, always)

Ripples (for Margie)
This is the piece that began this whole project. It’s never too late to think about our actions and steer them in a direction that will bring about the most positive ripple effect on those around us.