“These are the best jazz piano books I have seen.”

– RON CARTER, Bassist, NEA Jazz Master

“This book is really great. It’s very thorough and very accessible with a lot of examples.”

– KENNY BARRON, Pianist, NEA Jazz Master

“For once, a jazz harmony book that has plenty of text, written in a clear and practical style. Baerman’s friendly and experienced voice demystifies such important topics as adding extensions to chords and creating substitutions in chord progressions. The book is really quite thorough, despite its compact length. If one takes to heart the author’s instruction to play everything in all twelve keys, and to creatively apply what one learns to all the tunes one plays, this book and its accompanying CD can keep anyone busy or years.”

– DR. LEWIS PORTER, Pianist, Historian, Founder, MA in Jazz History and Research, Rutgers University-Newark

“I really enjoyed this book – it explained many aspects of Jazz Harmony in a clear and helpful manner.”

– URI CAINE, Pianist

“I have respected Noah’s pianistic skills for years. After reading this book, I am equally impressed by his ability to explain and teach the musical concepts he has mastered.”

– EARL MacDONALD, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Connecticut

“I wish these books had existed when I was first getting into jazz. It’s a progressive method, arranged practically and sensibly.”


The Big Book of Jazz Piano Improvisation

A concise but thorough exploration of jazz improvisation through the lens of the keyboard, with tools and techniques, ideas about application, and discussion of the more esoteric aspects that make for authentic soloing in the idiom

Beginning Jazz Keyboard

A book designed to bring those with some piano skill but limited or nonexistent jazz experience into the world of jazz playing, from basic chord formations and improvisational techniques through more varied ways of soloing and deploying 7th chords

Intermediate Jazz Keyboard

A further exploration of jazz keyboard techniques and tools, such as modes, extended and altered chords, common substitutions, and more sophisticated methods of soloing over chord changes

Mastering Jazz Keyboard

A continuation of jazz keyboard studies, covering a wide range of topics, including modal and non-diatonic explorations, advanced substitution and reharmonization, different scales and modes, means of building rhythmic and textural intensity, and solo piano techniques

Beginning Jazz Keyboard on DVD

A companion to the book by the same title, enriching the teaching of those techniques with explanations, demonstrations, and elaborations, some with a swinging trio

Jazz Keyboard Harmony

An overview of the basics of jazz voicings, voice-leading, and chord progressions through the lens of the piano, from ii-V-I and 7th chords through more advanced topics like clusters, 4th voicings, “Coltrane changes” and non-diatonic reharmonizations


Jazz, Rock, and Blues Solos Vol. 1-3

A quick, down-to-business look at how to employ some of the essential keyboard techniques in each of a wide variety of styles, including rock, blues, jazz, pop, classical, funk, Latin, and others

Keyboard Style Resource

A series of fully notated études and recital pieces for pianists interested in exploring sounds associated with non-classical artists ranging from Thelonious Monk and Aretha Franklin to Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones

Sitting In: Jazz Piano

with Jen Allen

A versatile play-along resource revolving around a collection of common jazz chord progressions and song forms, with brief lessons and listening suggestions for each