For a couple of years my Fender Rhodes lived at It’s Only Natural, a vegetarian restaurant in Middletown, CT. After a period of keeping a low profile due to physical problems, I began a steady trio gig there in 2001 with George and Tyler. From there I regained some strength and momentum, and I’m very grateful for that. This session was very low-key and enjoyable, though some of the music is intense. Tunes include originals by all of the trio members and by several other colleagues.

Noah Baerman | electric piano (Fender Rhodes)
Tyler Goodwin | bass
George Mastrogiannis | drums

Recorded March 10, 2002 at Bar None Studios, Northford, CT

“With his trio, Kenny Barron protégé Noah Baerman plays jazz that is as soulful and funky as it is thoughtful and lush, as heard on U-Turn (Lemel), a collection of original compositions by Baerman and trio members Tyler Goodwin (bass) and George Mastrogiannis (drums). But Baerman’s trio isn’t yet another jam-band disguised as jazz trio jumping on the Medeski, Martin and Wood-inspired organ-jazz craze . . . Baerman’s jazzy melodicism, his penchant for unusual chord changes, and the fact that his chosen instrument is a Fender Rhodes electric piano, give much of the material on “U-Turn” a hint of sophisticated, Steely Dan-like jazz-rock – territory that is woefully overlooked by many on today’s scene.”

Berkshire Eagle

Track Listing

1) D
(Amanda Monaco)

2) Friendship Blues
(George Mastrogiannis)

3) Eulogy for Stinky
(Noah Baerman)

4) Raghupati Raghave
Raja Ram
(traditional, arr.
Sunny Jain)

5) Time is of the Essence
(George Mastrogiannis)
6) First Words
(Tyler Goodwin)

7) Cat in the Rain
(Noah Baerman)

8) Genevieve
(Tyler Goodwin)

9) Nice Try, Big Guy
(Noah Baerman)

10) Your Eyes
(Jason Berg)

11) There Will Never Be
Another U-Turn
(Noah Baerman)