Conceived as a tribute to my aunt Margie Pozefsky, this album became a massive undertaking both in conceptual and musical scope. Some tracks represent the recorded debut of the Jazz Samaritan Alliance, while others feature a jazz chamber octet, with two tracks also including a chorus of soulful young vocalists. The subject matter amounts to a sort of sampler platter of “message music,” covering different topics important to me and to the world.

Noah Baerman | piano, electric piano, organ, slide guitar, vocals
Kenny Barron | piano
Jimmy Greene | tenor saxophone
Kris Allen | alto saxophone
Erica Von Kleist | flute, alto flute
Benjamin Fingland | clarinet
Meg Okura, Zach Brock | violin
Dave Eggar | cello
Chris Dingman | vibraphone
Henry Lugo, Linda May Han Oh | bass
Johnathan Blake, Vinnie Sperrazza | drums
Claire Randall, Garth Taylor, Jess Best, Erica Bryan | vocals

Recorded Spring 2013 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, Spin Studios, Long Island City, NY, and JBS Recording, White Plains, NY

“With its heady mix of transcendence, activism, deep lyrical expression and soulful sense of swing, pianist/composer Noah Baerman’s triumphant new CD, Ripples, is one of the best and the brightest releases to grace our region in quite some time. It’s a bold, imaginative, inventive work that will, if there is any justice in the jazz world, have infinitely more than a rippling effect far beyond our borders along the Connecticut River.”

– Owen McNally, WNPR Jazz Corridor

“You can hear in his soulful playing that Baerman has paid his dues. He has something else going for him too: the ability to orchestrate with the prowess of classical composers of old… This is a very enjoyable disc, full of interesting sonic treats, unusual ensembles and surprise bolstered by Baerman’s profound composition and vision.”

– Brian Charette, New York City Jazz Record

“Pianist Noah Baerman is no stranger to aiming high . . . On his new disc Ripples (Lemel), Baerman brings it all together, showcasing three different ensembles, doubling on slide guitar and vocals, pushing boldly past his limits”

– David Adler, Village Voice

“Ripples is a major work by an artist/composer/activist who has spent years not only perfecting his craft but battling the effects of Ehler-Danlos Syndrome… All these factors have given depth and gravity to his music yet there is also a great degree of spirituality and much joy flowing through these melodies and grooves.”

– Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“The question for the listener is whether the music is any good, not the good deeds the musician intended. That said, it is with some relief that I report Baerman’s music is as good as his intentions. Ripples is an excellent album, with some performance gems.”

– Jack Goodstein, blogcritics

“Humanity without self indulgent nobility. Inspired and inspiring music . . . Ripples is a unique release that walks the visceral / cerebral tightrope given the context from which the compositions are developed with grace, elegance and a simple beauty that is rare.”

– Brent Black, CriticalJazz

“Indeed, for Baerman, music has always been deeply intertwined in a reciprocal relationship with broader issues both in society and in personal development. As the Artistic Director of Resonant Motion, Inc., Baerman has committed his artistic and creative energies towards leading this unique not-for-profit group.”

– Seton Hawkins, Hot House

“It takes a lot of self-assurance for a pianist to bring in this NEA Jazz Master to come play on your record, and hats off to Baerman for doing it for the sake of the music itself. Barron doesn’t disappoint, he exploits the ample time given to him to allow his improvised lines to naturally unfold. Baerman himself comes in after him on organ and holds little back in setting that organ on fire… He tosses a lot into his sonic stew but measured, quality ingredients makes this far from being disparate musical flavors haphazardly thrown together.

– S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

“The warmth is palpable and the rhythms hop with a lightness that exudes joy.”

– Dave Sumner, Wondering Sound


1) Time Is Now

2) Motherless

3) The Outer Circle

4) Ripple: Persistence

5) Peeling the Onion

6) The Healer

7) Ripple: Brotherhood

8) Lester

9) Ripple: L’Amour Gagne (Love Wins)

10) Ripples (for Margie)