This is a fun group and was the first time in years that I’d been a part of a cooperatively-run ensemble. I have been playing with Wayne and Amanda since 1990, when as high school students we all were in the jazz program at ECA (New Haven’s Educational Center for the Arts). Fast forward to this session and I had the good fortune to be the “pivot-point” between them and the stalwart members of my trio. In addition to originals by me, Amanda and Vinnie, we play under-recorded tunes by two of our recently-departed heroes.

Wayne Escoffery | tenor and soprano saxophones
Amanda Monaco | guitar
Noah Baerman | piano
Henry Lugo | bass
Vinnie Sperrazza | drums

Recorded September 8, 2007 at Bennett Studios, Englewood, N.J.

“Playdate is a rewarding session that merits a follow-up date.”

– All Music Guide

“The camaraderie and shared musical vision of the ensemble is evident throughout this superb recording. Hopefully, there are more playdates scheduled.”

– All About Jazz

“The group’s first CD, Playdate, is a delightful album that’s full of complex interplay and melodic invention . . . As a group, Playdate have an amazing chemistry together. Their generosity as players is highly commendable and leaves one impressed with the unit as a whole, not just as individual players.”

– Audiophile Audition


1) Copper Tone
(Amanda Monaco)

2) Remember the Goldfish
(Noah Baerman)

3) Yes, Yes, Oh Yes!
(James Williams)

4) T-Time
(Noah Baerman)

5) Baby Man
(John Stubblefield)

6) Milan Kundera
(Vinnie Sperrazza)

7) Memday
(Vinnie Sperrazza)