From the back of the book:

You’ve learned the basics of keyboard playing, so now it’s time to explore new styles and techniques to help you become a well-rounded and more knowledgeable player. With The Keyboard Style Resource, you will be exposed to a variety of musical influences that will help you create a unique, original, and exciting sound. You’ll learn how to use scales, chords, rhythms, and arpeggios, and how to solo in many different styles. Dig in and explore new concepts that will unleash your inner musical potential. The included CD clearly demonstrates the musical examples in the book.

* Explore a wide variety of styles from rock and reggae to classical and funk
* Learn about the styles and recordings of pioneering players
* Master techniques for accompaniment and soloing
* Features a concise glossary and overview of music theory
* Includes practical tips on how to create great keyboard parts


Chapter 1 – Toolbox
Topics Include: Major Scales; Other Scales (minor, pentatonic, blues); Triads; Chord Inversion and Voice Leading; Diatonic Harmony; 7th Chords; Swing Eighth Notes; Lead Sheets

Chapter 2 – Rock Keyboard
Topics Include: The I, IV, and V Chords; Basic Two-Handed Rock Chords; Rock Chords for Left Hand Only; Chord Rhythms; Chord Embellishment; Single-Note Soloing

Chapter 3 – Pop Keyboard
Topics Include: Arpeggios; The Slip-Note Technique; Interpreting Melodies

Chapter 4 – R&B Keyboard
Topics Include: Gospel Chord Techniques; Rhythm and Phrasing with Chords; Imitating Guitar Rhythms

Chapter 5 – Blues Keyboard
Topics Include: Blue Notes; Blues Devices and Phrasing; Blues Accompaniment; Other Ways to Feel Blues Rhythm; Boogie-Woogie

Chapter 6 – World Music Keyboard Styles
Topics Include: Afro-Cuban Rhythms; Montunos; Cha-Cha-Cha; Bossa Nova; Samba; Reggae; Klezmer

Chapter 7 – Classical Piano
Topics Include: Baroque (Bach); Classical (Mozart, Beethoven); Romantic (Chopin); Modern (Mussorgsky)

Chapter 8 – Jazz Piano
Topics Include: Basic Chord Voicings; Extending and Altering Chords; Four-Note Voicings; Two-Handed Voicings; Comping; Soloing with Scales; Progressions with Modulations; Soloing with Arpeggios; Modes; Chromaticism and Ornamentation; Stride and Walking Bass

Chapter 9 – Hybrid Styles
Topics Include: Jazz-Rock; Ragtime; Latin Jazz; Progressive Rock

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