Musician-Aid Requests, presented in collaboration with Resonant Motion, has been my humble attempt to encourage folks to offer support to artists financially burdened by by the COVID-19 pandemic. These videos fulfill the requests that I’ve promised to perform in exchange for folks helping out, whether donating money to funds/charities working to provide emergency services/funding to musicians, making direct contributions to or purchases (of music, merch, or online lessons) from those musicians in that amount, or offering them needed pro bono services.

Volumes 7-21 of this initiative were aided in part by the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts as part of their Artists Respond grant program. Volumes 25-38 were aided in part by a CT Humanities CT Cultural Fund Operating Support Grant, with funding provided by the Connecticut State Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts from the Connecticut State Legislature.

Volume 40: The Leaving

Volume 39: Fantasy (featuring Taylor Simone Harvey, Jesse Lewis, Ray LeVier, Eric Sherman, Jen Wharton, and Matt McLean)

Volume 38: Bridge Over Troubled Water (featuring Stankeye Jones and the Vagabond Librarians)

Volume 37: For Free (featuring Colin Aberdeen, Darryl Harper, Natalie Greffel, and Dave Edwards)

Volume 36: Free Bird (featuring Dave Kopperman, Erica von Kleist, Gary Wang, and Cory Cox)

Volume 35: Con Alma (featuring Henry Lugo)

Volume 34: Miyako

Volume 33: I’ll Remember April (featuring Jonathan Michel and Curtis Nowosad)

Volume 32: A Good Year to You (featuring Bryan Titus, Matt Steckler, Antar Goodwin, and Rachel Housle)

Volume 31: Homeless

Volume 30: Surrey with the Fringe on Top

Volume 29: Downpressor Man (featuring Don Minott, Anand Nayak, Tim Norton, and Michael Petrucci)

Volume 28: Famous Blue Raincoat (featuring Charissa Hoffman)

Volume 27: Medley: My Wild Irish Rose, It Was A Very Good Year, Ring of Fire, and What A Wonderful World (featuring Miles Griffith, Orice Jenkins, Caroline Davis, Jon Irabagon, Ike Sturm, and Mike Muschell)

Volume 26: The Rose (featuring Waberi Jordan, Matt Dwonszyk, and Tanner Guss)

Volume 25: Schaap Talk (featuring Bob Hart and Jonathan Barber)

Volume 24: I Could Have Danced All Night (featuring Lisa Marien, Brian Charette, and Carmen Intorre Jr)

Volume 23: Body & Soul (featuring David Bertrand, Jeff Fuller, Dani Zanuttini-Frank, and Joe Murfin)

Volume 22: Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? (featuring Kim Nalley, Todd Marcus, and Scott Rosen)

Volume 21: Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (featuring Karen Hogg, Marvin McNeill, Gregory Jones, Scott Kessel, and Amber Michael)

Volume 20: Time and a Word (featuring Katherine Paterson, James Burton III, and Alex Tripp)

Volume 19: Landslide (featuring Mariana Makwaia, Magdalena Abrego, and Sunny Jain)

Volume 18: O-o-h Child (featuring Jess Best, David Davis, Jim Chapdelaine, Connor Schultze, and Isaac Monts)

Volume 17: Let It Fall (featuring Daphne Gale, Becket Cerny, Jarett Jean-Jacques, Deidra Montgomery, and Allison Lazur)

Volume 16: Biko (featuring Tammy Scheffer, Jocelyn Pleasant, Adam Matlock, Sharon Ray, and Sam Dickey)

Volume 15: Where To, My Love (featuring Dr. Tiffany Renee Jackson)

Volume 14: Victims of the Ruthless

Volume 13: Inner City Blues (feat. Alexa Patrick, Johnnie Gilmore, and Dwayne Keith)

Volume 12: Imagine (featuring Marcos Torres III, Sean Clapis, Latanya Farrell, and Jason Farrell, Jr.)

Volume 11: God Bless America (featuring Raphael Massie)

Volume 10: Sunless Saturday (featuring Garth., Spencer H, Matt Bernstein, Q[ire], and Best Mann)

Volume 9: On the Sunny Side of the Street (featuring Kris Allen, Julius Tolentino, Wayne Escoffery, Jimmy Greene, Amanda Monaco, and Jake Goldbas)

Volume 8: Hymn to Freedom (featuring Jay Sawyer and Gabe Gordon)

Volume 7: Minute By Minute (featuring Erica T Bryan, Tom Sullivan, and Gabe Gordon)

Volume 6: Allie’s Tune

Volume 5: Harvest for the World

Volume 4: Rome

Volume 3: It Ain’t No Use

Volume 2: The Final Countdown (Stankeye Jones and the Vagabond Librarians)

Volume 1: In My Life