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1 ) “Receipt Please” (from Alone Together with Jim Hall)

2 ) “First Trip” by Herbie Hancock (from Speak Like A Child)

3 ) “R.J.” by Joe Henderson (from Tetragon)

4 ) “Mood” by Miles Davis (from E.S.P.)

5 ) “Telephone” (from Heart and Soul with Cedar Walton)

6 ) “Little Waltz” by Frank Morgan (from Listen to the Dawn)

7 ) “Einbahnstrasse” by Bobby Timmons with Wayne Shorter (from The Soul Man, reissued on Workin’ Out)

8 ) “New Waltz” by Billy Cobham (from Art of Three)

9 ) “Nearly” by Nigel Kennedy (from Blue Note Sessions)

10 ) “Blues for D.P.” by Grover Washington, Jr. (from Then and Now)