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1 ) “Black Narcissus” by Joe Henderson (from Power to the People)

2 ) “Kofi” by Donald Byrd (from Kofi)

3 ) “Tide (alt. take)” by Antonio Carlos Jobim (from Tide)

4 ) “Lost and Found” by Woody Shaw (from Blackstone Legacy)

5 ) “Intrepid Fox” by Freddie Hubbard (from Red Clay)

6 ) “59th Street Bridge Song” by Paul Desmond (from Bridge Over Troubled Water)

7 ) “Do What You Gotta Do” by Kenny Burrell (from God Bless the Child)

8 ) “Golden Slumbers/You Never Give Me Your Money” by George Benson (from The Other Side of Abbey Road)

9 ) “Ifrane” by Randy Weston (from Blue Moses)

10 ) “Tangerine” by Chet Baker (from She Was Too Good to Me)

Honorable mention: “On A Clear Day” by Shirley Scott (from On A Clear Day ­– yes, technically organ, not electric piano)