It’s Kate’s 40th birthday. I was going to write a song, but it’s been a tricky month. I was going to write a rhapsodic essay about all the things she is, but . . . well, I think she’d rather I spend the day with her than spend it doing that. So instead here is a list of some of the things about her I think are fabulous (I almost came up with commentary for each, but that would be a can of worms akin to the rhapsodic essay). I will simply say that it’s telling that I had to cut myself off at 40 rather than scraping the bottom of the barrel once I hit 14, and for anyone who knows her, this is appropriate. xo

  1. Loving heart
  2. Creativity
  3. Sense of humor
  4. Devotion to parenting
  5. Kindness
  6. Spirituality
  7. Discipline
  8. Hotness when dressed up
  9. Teaching skills
  10. Hotness when wearing overalls/work clothes
  11. Emotional openness
  12. Hotness when wearing a burlap sack (or equivalent)
  13. Artistic talent
  14. Artistic vision
  15. Intelligence
  16. Courage
  17. Desire for growth
  18. Capacity for growth
  19. Sense of adventure
  20. Sense of responsibility
  21. Honesty
  22. Athleticism
  23. Taste in music
  24. Smile
  25. Cooking skills
  26. Spirituality
  27. Ability to fix anything
  28. Sense of gratitude
  29. Patience
  30. Laugh
  31. Sound and embouchure on the trumpet
  32. Caring toward animals
  33. Capacity to give truly constructive criticism
  34. Inclusiveness
  35. Humility
  36. Reliability
  37. Ability to nurture
  38. Commitment to health
  39. Constant learning
  40. Capacity to make all those around her love her

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  • I just love her too! For me, it was her laugh that made me immediately call her friend…

    This made me smile : ) Well said, My Dear Nugget Chops <3

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