This recording from 2006 features Jason Castonguay on vocals, Carl Knox on tenor saxophone, Henry Lugo on bass and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums. I wrote the song and play piano on it.

The other vital piece of information is that it is not autobiographical! Yes, I shop in health food stores and yes, my wife often wears overalls and yes, it’s even true that I have experienced unrequited love at points in my life. This, however, is a fictional look at an aspect of love under-represented in song lyrics. We hear about the joy of found love and the heartbreak of lost love all the time. But what about the ambiguity of unrequited love for a complete stranger? Click on the title below for my musical 2 cents on this:

Girl in the Overalls

One Responses

  • LOVE IT, thanks for that ‘post-valentine gift of song’. Now I can leave my professional music CRITIQUE behind and hear it again just for fun. Always love your piano , delightful musicianship, and what i shall, for lack of better words call ‘contained’ jazz. Which, to me, means its edgy and very very nice, but not so loose that it goes everywhere threatening never to bring one back. Thank you. I heard a falling heart in there and a delightful pondering of one complex lady, in your keyboarding. Thanks, Noah, thanks so much for giving us listenable jazz.

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